Top Moisturising Olive Oil Products for Winter

Winter is the perfect time for introspection, self assessment and pampering. It is the season to draw closer to the figurative hearth of our existence and to look within. Aside from these positives to winter, the season’s harsh winds and dry indoor temperatures can unfortunately also draw moisture from the skin, leaving the epidermis dry, cracked and scaly. Moisturising our skin should thus be at the top of our winter priority list.

Kloovenburg’s olive oil body product range is really the result of careful consideration, love for the very root of the grove and the Swartland itself. Annalene du Toit created these products to at once fill gaps on her own shelves with products that are ethical and really deliver what they promise, but also also as a celebration of everything that their family estate stands for.

This winter we encourage you to take time to reflect and spend time with yourself, pampering the person who is the most important: you.

We’ve collated a few of our top moisturising buys for this season.

“Olive Oil Hand-Cream”

Our hands are the very first parts of our body showing the dry signs of winter. If you’re looking for a hand-cream that is absorbed easily and leaves no greasiness on your skin, we’d like to believe you’ve just found it!

With 30% olive oil, its therapeutic benefits are potent. It’s lightly scented with top-quality lavender essential oil, so it will not clash with perfume or any other body scent.

This makes a beautiful gift during any time of the year. It is by far one of our top selling products and one of the most loved by visitors coming to visit us on the estate.

Selling at a whopping R95 you cannot go wrong. Consider buying one for the car, one for your bag, one for the kitchen, one for the garden shed … and one extra … just in case you need to gift one out of love.

“Olive Oil Cuticle Treatment”

While we’re on the subject of hands please don’t forget your cuticles. Healthy cuticles stimulate the healthy nail bed and that’s healthy nail growth.

Cuticles can become cracked and dry when exposed to dryer indoor temperatures during winter. Applying cuticle oil in general then increases the circulation around the nail bed and helps with growth.

The healing properties of extra-virgin olive are endless and really shows it’s worth in this tiny brown bottle with its dropper-top. After moisturising your body in the evening – or even during small short increments throughout the day – drip a few of Kloovenburg’s Olive Oil Nail Treatment onto the nail bed and massage in.

“Olive Oil Massage Oil”

The initial inspiration for Kloovenburg’s Olive Oil Relaxing Massage Oil was found in the centre of France’s perfume industry. Here, in Grasse, the use of oil was versatile and innovative. Annalene finished the product off with very specific essential oils designed for specific responses.

“Olive Oil Bath Oil”

Who doesn’t love a bubble bath? Depending entirely on where in South Africa you live, and if you’re at all allowed to take long hot bath at the end of a stressful day, this is also one of our must haves for moisturising the skin this winter.

Few of us know, however, that taking these long hot baths in winter, using saunas or taking hot showers are some of the culprits that rob our skin of very essential moisture. We are not saying don’t take a bath – we will never do that, unless you live in the Cape, we are say that the solution is simple: make sure you always add bath oil to the ritual.

The essential oils in Kloovenburg’s Olive Oil Bath Oil lends to antispasmodic properties and the natural healing qualities of olive oil go to work on damaged skin. It’s packaged in protective dark glass to preserve the naturally restorative properties of the oils.

Go on, run that bath!

Olive Oil Body Butter

Even if you do not have a naturally dry skin, winter, as mentioned, has devastating effects on the moisture levels and balance of your skin. A firm favourite in Kloovenburg’s Olive Oil luxury body range, the Olive Oil Body Butter in its generous pot, is a highly absorbent, lightly scented treat. Extra-virgin olive oil makes up a full third of the ingredients, and it’s enriched with shea butter to ensure a therapeutic beauty treatment that will nourish your skin without leaving any sticky residue. Its subtle scent won’t clash with your favourite perfume either.

Take the opportunity this season to care for yourself, moving from the outside in.

And remember: moisturising reduces the appearance of blemishes, helps your skin stay strong, fights wrinkles and if done with the careful balance of weekly exfoliation, insures a healthy glow.

In between all of this don’t forget to drink enough water, even though you only feel like a glass of red by the fire.

Happy winter!

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